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“Why isn’t it stealing that other companies copied the entire idea, techniques, and marketing of customisable anime-style-ish resin ball-jointed dolls from Volks, and even their trademark words (MSD and so on)? Okay, so when something’s popular, other companies will make it too. But then why is it stealing when Leeke copies a pear-shaped body from Dust of Dolls? How is that worse than when they copied the whole BJD concept and aesthetic from Volks? And how would they know fans would get angry?”

Note: The “Super Dollfie” names are not trademarked.

Actually, I’m pretty sure they are trademarked? If you scroll down to the bottom of the site, it says that they are.

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Anon rant #38


“The whole tracy lynn drama happened ages ago! She may have said some bad things, but we have all said something we wanna take back, sometime in our life! She’s a person too, you know! With feelings and thoughts. Makes you look pretty fucking low too, just sitting on your ass everyday harassing her and stalking any blog she tries to make to get away from you because all she wants to leave that shit in the past! You’re an adult, start acting like one.”

I do agree with this, anon. If people want to move on from the past then we should let them. We are all only human, and mistakes have been made. I mean heck, I’VE said stuff in the past that I regret.

- E.J

I also think we should let people move on from their past mistakes… 99% of the time, people we dislike won’t change. When they do, shouldn’t we be celebrating that?

(Although I find it pretty hilarious what passes for “ages ago” around here. =D)

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I need to take new snaps adfdlkfsfds why life so busy?


Somehow, I find that I never check my dashboard, just the BJD tag. So maybe I should start unfollowing people who don’t post much dolls and follow more people who post dolls? Nothing personal, though!